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Research Objectives

To fulfil the vision for research, the University has identified the following objectives and strategies.


In support of the University's overarching objectives, the University of Wollongong in Dubai will build on its strengths to manage a research environment which will:

  • Promote rigorous research that is relevant to the nation and the region
  • Develop and support existing and emerging research strengths within a "high performance culture"
  • Facilitate multidisciplinary research excellence
  • Build sustainable research partnerships with government, industry and other universities
  • Provide a suitable enabling research infrastructure.


In addition to the University's strategies, specific research strategies include:

  • The Working Paper Series
  • Regular Research Seminars (open to the public)
  • Consultation with the local business community to identify research opportunities
  • Provision of funding support for research activities
  • Research training workshops for staff
  • Research mentoring
  • Establishment of a multidisciplinary research centre
  • Provision of incentives to promote quality research outcomes
  • Awards for recognising research excellence.

Performance Indicators

The University employs a range of broad performance indicators to assess progress towards objectives.

Specific indicators measuring progress against individual activities will be identified in the Annual Research Management Report and include the following key indicators: refereed publications, research grants and other income, and research awards

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