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Research Plan

Research, Teaching and Community Engagement are the three pillars on which Universities contribute to society and earn their reputation. All staff at UOWD are passionately committed to these academic activities. The University's Vision and Mission signal our aspirations of excellence as a teaching and research institution in the UAE and broader region.

The UOWD Research Committee (URC), established in February 2004, is responsible for research-related activities and for promoting a dynamic culture of research at the University. It seeks to further the research components of UOWD’s strategic plan.

The URC undertakes a number of activities towards fulfilling the research aims of the University, including the provision of  research support and training for UOWD staff, formulating and implementing research plans, developing policies, procedures and guidelines, fostering existing and emerging research strengths, and creating a suitable infrastructure to support high quality research projects and initiatives. The URC is also responsible for promoting research partnerships with the government and the private sector in the Gulf region.

Research activities at UOWD span a range of disciplines, predominantly in fields of business and information technology. Other research disciplines include education, environmental science and the social sciences.

UOWD is committed to fostering an intellectual environment with an international orientation and providing rigorous and relevant research so as to contribute to the social and economic development of the region.

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