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UOWD Career Fair 2019 - 26 February 2019

UOWD Students

The Career fair is a networking opportunity for undergraduates, graduates and alumni to meet with employers about potential specific job openings, internships and co-op opportunities.

The Career Fair can serve as a point-of-first contact for students as they take the first steps in their professional careers.

This is your chance to promote yourself and learn about hiring organizations and employment / internship openings. Take advantage!

Tips to prepare for the event

  • Simplify your goals. Why are you attending the fair and what do you hope to get out of it? Are you looking for a seasonal internship, or a full time position? Or are you simply exploring probable career options?
  • Categorize the organizations that interest you. It is a good idea to classify the organizations that you would like to talk to and prepare a list of questions to ask. Visit their website, read about the company and on the open position(s) so that you’ll be prepared. 
  • Recognize your strengths. Having self-awareness about your personality, interests, skills, and experience are essential groundwork for your conversations with employers.
  • Bring your resume. Get your resume screened by the Career Advisors a week in advance. You should bring several copies of your resume.
  • “Elevator Speech”. Be prepared to share a one-minute summary about yourself, as it will introduce you to the employer in a meaningful and effective manner.
  • Dress in a professional manner. A suit/formal shirt and tie/ is always appropriate. No Jeans or casual wear/casual shoes. Strictly only closed shoes
  • Communicate professionally. When introducing yourself to employers, maintain good eye contact and have a firm handshake
  • Bring your Student ID. You will need your student ID to register on the day of the event.

Venue: Block 1, Dubai knowledge park

Time: 10AM- 3:30PM

For further assistance on your CV and preparation, please visit the Career Development Centre, Block 5, # 035

Eshita Patel
Career Advisor UOWD

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