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Undergraduate Financial Aid

Financial aid is intended to help students who have limited financial resources to fund their higher education. To be eligible for financial aid, you must meet certain eligibility criteria (see below).

You can only take advantage of one financial support scheme (scholarship, financial aid, discount incentive) at a time, and these schemes are not transferable to the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Applicants and their guardian(s) must be UAE residents or independent applicants must be employed in the UAE.

You must be able to provide documentary evidence of financial need.

First time applicants must be enrolling in their first semester of study at UOWD and must enrol in the required number of subjects.

You must meet all the academic and admission criteria for direct entry to the University and intend to enrol in the relevant session for which you have applied.

Applicants will not be allowed to defer financial aid for more than one semester after its award.

Renewal applications must continue to meet the financial aid requirements.

Review of Financial Aid

Financial aid awards are reviewed at the end of each semester. Supporting documentation will need to be resubmitted for subsequent years of study and financial aid may not always be offered at the same rate.

Students failing to meet the requirements below will no longer be entitled to retain their financial aid and will have to pay the relevant tuition fees in order to continue their studies.

Requirements to Maintain Financial Aid
Study Load Enroll in a minimum of 3 subjects (mandatory only for students on a UOWD sponsored visa)
Academic Minimum grade Pass "P" in all
subjects attempted
Conduct Good academic conduct (not
subjected to any disciplinary action)

Application Procedures

Applicants who are eligible for Financial Aid must submit a Financial Aid Application form, along with the supporting documentation outlined in the application form, to the Registrars Department. You must submit one original and one photocopied version of supporting documentation. Registrar staff will not photocopy documents on behalf of an applicant. Financial Aid Applications for Spring 2021 closing date: 18 April 2021

For further information regarding UOWD Financial Aid you can:

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