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About UOWD

The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) is a renowned institution of higher education, recognised in the UAE and internationally for its teaching excellence and distinguished research portfolio. 

Combining the outstanding academic credentials of the University of Wollongong – a top 10 university in Australia – with a truly multicultural learning environment, we have helped to shape the lives of more than 10,000 graduates from 108 nations, who are now making their mark in the global workplace. 

A pioneer in the field of education, UOWD was the first international campus to be established in Dubai, and 25 years on, this spirit of innovation continues to define everything we do. This means that pursuing your higher education at UOWD is not only a valuable investment in your future; it is a truly life-changing experience. 

UOWD established an outstanding record for educating highly employable graduates over the last 24 years and gained an international reputation for the quality of our educational practices.

With more than 3,600 students representing 108 nationalities being taught by academics from more than 40 countries, UOWD offers the best traditions of western education in a truly multicultural learning environment.

Academic Excellence

We have combined the academic excellence of Australia’s 12th highest ranking university with the culture and excitement of the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, to provide a dynamic, stimulating and rewarding environment for students, research practitioners and business professionals alike. At the same time, we are active contributors to the burgeoning knowledge economy of the UAE.

Our student-centred approach to learning ensures that our graduates go out into the world armed with much more than technical knowledge and an outstanding educational experience. They also have professional skills in research, analysis, entrepreneurship, problem-solving and communication. This sets them apart from their peers across other institutions and explains why so many of our graduates now have senior, responsible and exciting positions in a range of prestigious organisations, both in the UAE and around the world.

Since our inception, we have built a reputation for quality, credibility and integrity, and the University is held in high regard by its students, alumni, business, industry and government. We maintain a long and proud tradition of excellence in education combined with liberal values of enquiry, and continuously strives to provide a fertile environment for bright young minds to flourish, where critical thinking is both encouraged and nurtured; qualities that characterise great institutes of learning.

By choosing a program at UOWD you will be making an outstanding investment in your future as we strive for even more exciting learning opportunities for our students.

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