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Residence Fees

Fees are determined by the program and semester in which you are enrolled and the location and type of flats requested (or assigned).

The length of each semester for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students and students enrolled in English language programs is different. Therefore, the fees charged for undergraduate / postgraduate students and students enrolled in English language programs are different.

Residence bookings are on each semester basis, the break weeks between autumn & spring semesters and spring & summer semesters are inclusive of the semester fee provided the following semester full fee is paid during or before the first week of the break. If you plan to stay during the break weeks between summer & autumn semesters, these weeks are not inclusive in the semester fee and need to be paid separately on weekly basis. The bookings for ELC students are on each term basis and does not cover break weeks. ELC students who wish to stay during their break week/weeks in between terms or need to arrive earlier will have to pay for the additional weeks.

Students may make arrangements to arrive earlier or stay longer, but will be required to pay an additional amount. Additional weeks at Jebel Ali Gardens will be charged at AED 900 per week.

In addition, a refundable security deposit of AED 1,000 is applicable for all residence students.

Residence Fees

 (Fees are in UAE Dirham)

Location and Room Type Autumn Semester 2020 Autumn Semester 2020 12 weeks program 14 weeks program

Jebel Ali Gardens
(separate accommodation for
males and females)

3 bedroom (6 share)

Standard Room - Shared bathroom 11,900 11,000 11,000 12,800
Master Bedroom with en suite 12,500 11,600 11,600 13,750
Emirates Academy and Hospitality Management (Opp. Burj Al Arab) – Studio apartments, single occupancy* 16,200 15,000    


*The above fees are subject to change without notice. Please note that all rates are inclusive of any applicable Value Added Tax as from 1 January 2018.

**Barsha Heights apartment booking will be open once the Jebel Ali Gardens Residences are fully booked.

There are a limited number of spaces available and bookings are confirmed only upon receipt of the Residence Application and payment of the full Residence fees and relevant tuition fees. Bookings are made on a first paid basis and there is no refund for early departure from the Residence for any reason. Please coordinate with the Residence Desk to check availability of spaces before making any payment.

If your first choice of room is not available, the booking will automatically be transferred to your second choice preference. In the case that a second preference has not been identified, you will be assigned an available room closest to your first choice. If rooms at one location are full, the booking will be automatically transferred to the other available location. Any difference is Residence fees will need to be paid prior to moving in.

New international student interested in living in Jebel Ali Gardens residences will be given an opportunity to view the apartment before signing the UOWD Student Residence contract. If the student is not satisfied with the Residences after viewing or staying, they can apply for a refund (if the fees are paid) within 24 hours of arriving in the dorms, however, ‘no refund policy’ will be applied once the student stays more than 24 hours in the Residences.

Summer Break

Students who are not attending the summer session of classes, but who will be returning for the Autumn session, will be required to pay the Residence fees in full prior to departing for the summer, in order to be assured of a booking.

Students who pay the Residence fees prior to departing for the summer break may store their personal belongings in the Residence storage area until they return. Students who do not pay their Autumn residence fees prior to leaving for the summer break must remove all personal belongings from the Residences.

Cost of Living

Dubai is an expensive city and the cost of living is relatively high. Living costs will vary depending upon different factors: rent, food, entertainment, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses.

Shopping is plentiful and good bargains are available. Haggling is acceptable in the markets and 'souks'; department stores and shopping malls operate on a fixed price system.

There are several large chains of supermarkets in Dubai offering a wide variety of produce and products.

International produce and products are also available in the larger supermarkets, but the price is substantially higher than for the local equivalent.

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