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Research Projects

A competitive Research Grants Scheme was established at UOWD in 2006 for 12 month research projects. The aim of the scheme is to provide financial support for high quality research projects, undertaken by full-time faculty at UOWD, which promote the social and economic development of the UAE and wider Gulf region.


Project Title Principle Investigator(s) Amount AED

Smart adaptive security for mobile EEG monitoring 

Abdelghani Benharref


Percieved service quality and service quality and consumer loyality of Halal services: An exploratory study of the roles of religiosity and value among consumers in UAE

Dr Jawahitha Sarabdeen


Future smart buildings sensing energy

Dr Kamal Jafar


Motives and benefits of business excellence awards: the step towards Business excellence for UAE organizations

Dr Flevy Lasrado


Organizational Performance of UAE organizations in the light of sustainable quality management

Dr Bostjan Gomiscek


A Framework for teams of micro autonomous ariel quadcopters for surveillance

Dr Mohammed Watfa


Design and modelling of novel meta surfaces for specific absorption rate mitigation in wearable systems

Dr Mohamed Farek Malek


Psycho-acoustic based modelling of complex synthesis algorithm for rapid sound prototyping

Dr Stefano Fasciani 




Project title Grant Winners 2014-Batch 1

Opportunities for SME’s: Creative approaches to the Dubai Smart City Strategy

Dr Greg Kerr

Compensation Disparity among Expatriates in Subsidiaries of Chinese MNCs in the UAE

Dr Kathy Shen

Privacy Protection and the Use of Cloud Services in Educational Institutions in the UAE

Dr Jawahitha Sarabdeen

Organizational Ethics: Looking at consumers’ perception of clothing brands and their foreign manufacturing practices

Dr Gwendolyn Rodrigues
CI: Dr Zeenath Khan

The influence of social media on purchase decisions in the UAE

Dr Swapna Koshy



Project Title Principle Investigator(s) Amount AED

A new Innovative Methodology to Interactive Teaching

Dr Mohamed Watfa


Gender Mobility and Capabilities: A Case Study of Women in Karachi

Dr Asima Shirazi


Organizational Learning Within Supply Chain Networks

Dr Arijit Sikdar
Dr Payyazhi Jayashree
Dr Balan Sundarakani


An Innovative Cost Effective Semi-Holographic Approach to University Teaching and Learning

Dr Mohamed Watfa


The Coming of Age of Chinese Expatriate Managers: An Exploratory Study

Dr Mona Mustafa


The role of cultural competence, values and world views in facilitating clinical practices of internationally qualified nurses into health organisations in the United Arab Emirates

Dr Alison Thirlwall


Delivering Images and Managing Impressions in the Global Telecoms industry

Dr Sidney Lowe


Early Years in Application: An intelligent support system for teaching ESL

Dr Catherine Todd


Smart Data Synchronisation in mhealth Platforms

Dr Abdelghani Benharref


Designing a hybrid Cloud Platform for Supply chain Networks

Dr Balan Sundarakani




Project Title Principal Investigator(s) Amount

Profiling tweets for Online Reputation Management

Dr Farhad Oroumchian, UOWD
Dr Khaled Shaalan, British University in Dubai
Ms Rumana Rahim


How innovative are the GCC’s Logistics Service Providers in the era of crises: investigation and analysis through Hybrid Approach

Dr Balan Sundarakani


Investigation of the security of Dubai healthcare Information systems: Perceptions and value conflicts

Dr Halim Khelalfa, UOWD
Dr Farhad Oroumchian, UOWD
Dr Nidhal Abdulaziz, UOWD
Mr Mahmoud Numan Bakkar


Study into the implications of societal factors, e-technology and increased online sources on students’ attitude towards e-cheating in the UAE

Dr Zeenath Reza Khan, UOWD
Dr Ghassan Al Qaimari, Fujairah College


Social networking sites and work life boundaries

Dr Mona Mustafa, UOWD
Dr Kathy Ning Shen, UOWD


Safety Modelling for Aviation Systems

Dr Nidhal Abdulaziz, UOWD
Dr Farhad Oroumchian, UOWD
Dr Halim Khelalfa, UOWD
Professor Sarim Al Zubaidy, Nazarbayev University




Project Title Investigator(s) Amount AED

Do Sukuk Perform better than other financial instruments during the financial crisis? Evidence from GCC countries

Dr Hela Miniaoui


Moving Luxury Brands Online: Synergy between Technical Design and Marketing Strategies

Dr Kathy Shen


The Extent of Risk Management Practices in Islamic Financial Institutions

Dr Jawahitha Sarabdeen


The Performance of Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks in the GCC countries: A Comparative Empirical Analysis

Dr Naeem Muhammed, UOWD, Principal Investigator 
Dr Hela Miniaoui, UOWD, Co-Investigator


Determinants of Internet Financial Reporting Practices: Evidence from the UAE and Comparison with Global Best Practices

Dr Hela Miniaoui, UOWD, Principal Investigator
Dr Peter B Oyelere, United Arabs Emirates University, Co-Investigator




Project Title Principal Investigator(s) Amount AED
UOWD Research Grants

Transformation of Emirati Managers’ Values during Rapid Modernization and Emiratisation

Dr Michael Willemyns


Understanding Health Information Systems Assimilation in the UAE: 
A Multi-level Approach

Dr Kathy Shen, 
Prof Mohamed Khalifa, 
Dr David Van Over & 
Ms Suzan Ahmed


Energy Efficient Internet in the UAE

Dr Mohamed Salem & 
Dr Mohamed Watfa


Energy Efficient Protocols and Software Tools for Sensor Networks

Dr Mohamed Watfa


UOWD Industry and Community Linkage Grants

Computer Vision–based Imaging System for Road Traffic Monitoring

Dr Farhad Keissarian


Greening the Construction Industry Supply Chain in UAE: Modelling the Carbon Footprint

Dr Balan Sundarakani, 
Dr David Van Over & 
Dr Arijit Sikdar


Computer-based System for Newborn Hearing Screening Test Information Storage, Retrieval and Analysis

Dr Catherine Todd, 
Dr Rana Batterjee & 
Ms Lubaina Sharafally


Service Loyalty: Making it Work

Dr Melodena Balakrishnan, 
Dr Naeem Muhammed & 
Mr Immanuel Moonesar


NRF ‘Enhancement Grants’

User Adoption of e-Government in UAE

Dr Jawahitha Sarabdeen & 
Dr Gwendolyn Rodrigues


New Design Approach for Safer and Economical Structures in Seismic Regions

Dr Kamal Jaafar


Virtual Manipulation and Force Sensing during Inner Ear Surgery for Clinical Application

Dr Catherine Todd


Is the Level of Wealth Related to an Individual’s Happiness? Indicators of Gross National Happiness in the United Arab Emirates

Dr Jayashree Payyazhi, 
Dr Peter Hosie & 
Dr Michael Thorpe


Identification and Verification of Predictors of International Managers’ Performance

Dr Peter Hosie




Project Title Principal Investigator(s)

Virtual Modeling of the Cochlea with Clinical Applications: Visualization of Inner and Middle Ear Anatomy for Pre-operative Evaluation and Surgical Training

Dr Catherine Todd, Dr David Van Over, Dr Fazel Naghdy, Dr Muaaz Tarabichi

A Computer-Generated, Interactive Learning Environment for Autistic Students

Dr Catherine Todd, Dr Abdellatif Tchantchane, Dr Soly Mathew Biju, Dr David Van Over, Prof Fazel Naghdy, Dr Sarah Marzooqi, Dr Arwa Kabir

Industry Clusters In the Free Zones: Comparative Study of Free Zones In The UAE

Dr Albert Tan, Dr Mitra Sumit, Dr Michael Thorpe

Does Economic Progress mean Greater Happiness? Indicators of Gross National Happiness in the United Arab Emirates

Dr Payyazh Jayashree, Dr Peter Hosie, Dr Michael Thorpe

Platform and Interface for programming MyRo Robots for Novice

Dr Mohamed Salem, Dr Farhad Oroumchian, Jaspreet Singh

Implications of increased online-sources and readily-available e-technology on students’ attitudes towards e-cheating in the UAE

Mrs Zeenath Reza Khan, Dr Mohamed Salem Dr Ghassan al Qaimari

Intrusion Detection by Data Mining and Information Theory

Dr Halim Khelalfa, Dr Farhad Oroumchian, Jaspreet Singh


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Project Title Principal Investigator(s)

Requirements for Successful Entrepreneurship in the UAE

Dr Lien Els, Dr Arijit Sikdar, and Dr Prakash Vel

A Study of Arbitrage Efficiency Between the DGCX Gold Futures and Options Contracts

Dr Michael Thorpe and J. Fung

Implementation of Basel II in UAE Banks: Some Issues

Dr Dayanand Pandey and Dr Lejla Vrazalic

An Analysis of Regional Clusters as a Form of Competitive Advantage

Dr Julia Connell and Dr Michael Thorpe

Factors Affecting Inflows of FDI: A Study of Two Emirates

Prof Ajit Karnik, Dr Gwendolyn Rodrigues and Ms Asima Shirazi

Sources and Impacts of Globalization in the MENA Region

Dr Cedwyn Fernandes, Dr Naaem Muhammad and Dr Gwendolyn Rodrigues

Decision Making in Interactive Applications

Mr Nawar Al Hakeem and Dr Mohammed Salem

Virtual Modelling of the Cochlea with Clinical Applications

Dr Catherine Todd, Dr Mohammed Salem , Prof Raed Awamleh, F. Naghdy and Dr M. Tarabichi



Project Title Principal Investigator(s)

A Case Study of Dubai as a Regional Logistics Hub

Dr Gwendolyn Rodrigues and Dr Cedwyn Fernandes

Automatic Number Plate Recognition for Speed Camera Images

Dr Farhad Keissarian and Dr Nidhal Abdulaziz

Transcending Perceptual Barriers to Service Performance

Dr Lien Els and Dr Melodena Balakrishnan

Developing a MATLAB Toolbox for Quantum Circuits and Computation

Dr Saied Hosseini Khayat and Dr Nidhal Abdulaziz

Using Data Mining to Improve Road Safety and Enhance Accident Prevention

Dr Halim Khelalfa and Ms Anita Dani


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