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Postgraduate Fees and Payment Information

Students at UOWD are required to pay fees for their respective programs of study. University tuition fees are paid each semester according to the number of subjects you enrol in and their associated credit point weightings.

A breakdown of tuition fees for postgraduate programs is provided in the table below.

Academic Program No. of Subjects Average Cost Per Subject (AED/USD)* - VAT 5% Inclusive
Master of Business Administration 12 9,140 / 2,491
Master of Business Analytics 10-12 8,967 / 2,443
Master of Business (single or double specialisation)** 10-17 8,967 / 2,443
  International Business
  Financial Management
  Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  Human Resource Management
Master of Science (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)** 10-12 8,967 / 2,443
Master of Applied Finance (with specialisation) 12 8,967 / 2,443
  Financial Services
  Corporate Treasury
  Islamic Banking and Finance
Master of Engineering Management*** 10 9,140 / 2,491
Master of Information Technology Management*** 10 8,967 / 2,443
Master of Media and Communications 10 8,967 / 2,443
Master of International Relations 10 8,967 / 2,443
Master of Educational Studies 12 7,472.50 / 2,036
Master of Nursing 9 Total Cost: 89,670 / 24,433
Global Executive Master of Luxury Management 10 Total Cost: 141,750 / 38,624
Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies 8 7,472.50 / 2,036
Graduate Certificate in Business 4 8,967 / 2,443
Graduate Certificate in HR Management 4 8,967 / 2,443
Graduate Certificate in Marketing 4 8,967 / 2,443
Graduate Foundation Course 1-5 2,100 / 572
Certificate of Proficiency 1 9,387 / 2,558
Doctor of Philosopy (PhD)   Total Cost: 236,250 / 64,373


* The above fees are subject to change without notice. Please note that all rates are inclusive of any applicable Value Added Tax as from 1 January 2018.

**If you have completed a Bachelor degree or further training in a relevant business area, or you have extensive professional work experience in a related area alongside a Bachelor degree, you may be able to complete the program in a total of ten (10) subjects in line with UOWD’s policy on Credit for Prior Learning. Your eligibility for Credit for Prior Learning will be decided in consultation with UOWD’s Faculty of Business office prior to the beginning of the program.

*** Students who have completed a three year undergraduate degree or a four year degree without a research component may have to complete up to two additional subjects.

Note : USD rate given as an indicative estimate only. All conversions are rounded to the nearest USD. Exchange rate applied is 1 USD = 3.67 AED. Please check market rate at time of application for actual USD equivalent cost.

Textbooks, photocopying, personal stationery items and other incidental costs are not included in the tuition fees.

Postgraduate Fee Payment Procedures

Postgraduate students enrolling at UOWD are offered three payment plans (see below). Depending on your chosen Plan, a number of payment methods are available.

  • Payments are to be made through online (Visa or Master card) by visiting our online payment portal. Please find the online payment link here.
  • Direct bank transfers. Please click here for details.
  • Cash payments  through Al Ansari Exchange branches across the Emirates. Present your student ID number at any of the outlets across the UAE and you can deposit your tuition fees without having to travel to the University campus. Please note that only cash payments are accepted through Al Ansari Exchange branches and a transaction charge will be applied.
  • Payments can also be made through major credit cards (not debit cards) by completing and submitting the credit card Payment Authorisation Form.

Note: Cash or cheque payments through the Fees Office will not be accepted until further notice as per directive. Cash deposits to the UOWD bank account are not allowed.

Fee Payment Plans

  •     Traditional Payment Plan
  •     Progress Payment Plan
  •     Executive Payment Plan

Note that in the first semester only the Traditional Payment Plan is available for those students who require UOWD sponsored student visas.

For full details, please download UOWD’s Payment Procedures and Fee Policies.

Traditional Payment Plan

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, or credit card. You must ensure all fees are paid in full before the start of the semester, according to the number of subjects to be taken. All payments for the semester must be made before the due date mentioned in the Academic Calendar.

Progress Payment Plan

Fees can be paid by cash, cheque or credit card in three instalments, as follows.

  •     1st instalment – 50% of the total tuition fees for the semester.
  •     2nd instalment – 25% of the total tuition fees for the semester.
  •     3rd instalment – 25% of the total tuition fees for the semester.

The dates for payment of instalments will be advertised by the Finance Department before the start of each semester. If you elect to pay the fees under the Progress Payment Plan, you will be required to pay an additional charge of AED 420 per subject. Students who pay by post-dated cheques or give a credit card debit order for the remaining fee instalments are eligible to receive a discount of 50% (i.e. AED 210) on the additional fee paid per subject.

Students who default on any payment will automatically lose the privilege to continue with the Progress Payment Plan and will have to revert to the Traditional Payment Plan.

Executive Payment Plan

Fees can be paid by cash or cheque only. If you elect to pay your entire tuition fees for the degree program upfront, you can obtain a discount of 10% on the total cost.

Visa Sponsorship

If you wish to take up the UOWD Visa Sponsorship you should pay the tuition fees for the first semester as per the Traditional Payment Plan. Following initial enrolment, sponsored students can make use of the various payment plans.

Education Loans with ADCB

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