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Bachelor of Nursing (Bridging) Program

The Bachelor of Nursing is a two-year bridging program that will enable you to maintain your licence to practice nursing in the UAE healthcare sector.

The program is specifically designed for registered nurses who hold a diploma in the field and need to gain a recognised Bachelor degree to retain their professional status in the UAE.

Note: Degree name to be changed to Bachelor of Nursing (Conversion) for students commencing in September 2021 (Autumn 2021 intake).


24 months

Winter - January | Spring - April | Summer - July | Autumn - September

Tuition Fees
AED 80,850
USD 22,030
(VAT 5% inclusive)


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UOWD is committed to providing you with the necessary assistance in the current situation. Our Recruitment & Admissions team is ready to assist prospective students and their parents with the necessary career path and program guidance via several online platforms. Visit the below link to book a Digital One-to-One Consultation with our Admissions team based on your convenience.
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The Bachelor of Nursing (Bridging) curriculum focusses on:

  • Developing your knowledge, skills and professional practices to deliver safe and effective nursing care through a person-centred, culturally relevant approach.
  • Helping you evaluate and apply concepts drawn from nursing theory, research and professional practice.
  • Increasing your understanding of cultural, social, economic, legal and ethical influences on the development of the nursing profession.
  • Applying industry-relevant resources and technology to enhance your critical skills and competencies and improve clinical practice.
  • Developing your communication skills to help you engage more effectively with patients and professional colleagues.

Discipline Leader

Dr Suzanne Robertson-Malt

Dr Suzanne Robertson-Malt
Associate Professor
PhD (Faculty of Medicine), University of Adelaide, Australia; BHSc (Class 1 Honours) and Faculty Medal, New England University; Leadership in Healthcare Education, Harvard Macy Institute, Harvard University; Graduate Certificate in Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Nursing, NSW College of Nursing; Graduate Certificate in Cardiac Nursing, Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, QLD.

Dr Robertson-Malt is an advocate of the ‘flipped classroom/learning’ pedagogy proposed by Flipped Learning Network (FLN) that is defined by four principles: Flexible Environment, Learning Culture, Intentional Content...

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Career Opportunities

There is an increasing demand for qualified nursing professionals to support the UAE’s growing healthcare sector. With the professional, technical and interpersonal skills that you will develop through this program, you will be well placed to take up challenging and rewarding positions in both clinical and non-clinical settings.

Qualification and Accreditation

Qualification and Accreditation

On successful completion of the two-year program you will meet the Ministry requirements to practice as a Registered Nurse in the UAE. The program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education, through the Commission of Academic Accreditation.

All our degrees are quality assured by UOW Australia, which is registered with the Australian Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), the national regulator of higher education in Australia. Upon graduation, you can choose either the Bachelor of Nursing degree from UOWD or the Bachelor of Nursing (Conversion) from UOW Australia. This degree does not lead to registration in Australia.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Nursing (Bridging), graduates will be able to:

  • Evaluate knowledge, skills and behaviours for the provision of safe and effective nursing care for individuals, families and communities.
  • Employ knowledge and skills in application of leadership in the provision of person centered, culturally appropriate practice.
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of knowledge, skills and behaviours commensurate with improvements in practice.
  • Find and evaluate information using a variety of sources and technology
  • Formulate arguments and communicate relevant information effectively orally and in writing

Program Structure

To obtain the Bachelor of Nursing from UOWD, or the Bachelor of Nursing (Bridging) from UOW Australia, you will study a total of 12 subjects that combine to provide a comprehensive blend of academic, practical and leadership skills to help you succeed in the nursing profession.

Subject Code Subject Name
Year 1
GEDA010 Academic Language Skills
GEDB010 Research Language Skills
NMIH102 Patterns of Knowing in Nursing
NMIH105 Primary Health Care Nursing
NMIH108 Introduction to Health Behaviour Change
NMIH204 Reflection and Practice
NMIH205 Cultural Competence in Health Care Practice
Year 2
NMIH206 Therapeutics in Nursing
NMIH303 Therapeutic Use of Self
NMIH304 Evidence Appreciation and Application in Health Care Practice
NMIH306 Challenges of Ageing
NMIH307 Leadership in Health Care Practice
NMIH319 Contemporary Research in Practice

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