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Certificates of Proficiency

Certificate of Proficiency and Postgraduate Certificate

Certificates of Proficiency

For professionals who are looking to develop skills in a specific technical or practical discipline over a short time scale, UOWD’s Certificates of Proficiency are ideal. Delivered over the course of just 13 weeks, students can study a range of subjects that are offered by our Faculties of Business and Engineering and Information Sciences. We currently offer the following Certificates of Proficiency courses:

  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Organisational Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis for Business
  • Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Financial Institutions
  • Quality in Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Information Technology Strategic Planning

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Progression to Future Postgraduate Programs

Upon completion of the chosen subject students are awarded a Certificate of Proficiency and an official academic transcript. This transcript can then be used as credit towards future postgraduate programs. 

Classes to fit around your commitments

All Certificates of Proficiency classes are held from 6-9:30pm, Sunday to Thursday and are designed to fit around work commitments. 

World-Class Faculty

UOWD’s Faculty provide a wealth of academic and professional expertise from across the globe. All full-time professors hold a PhD and are active in their specialist field. They also bring vast industry experience from years of practice in their respective disciplines, creating a learning environment that is both grounded in the latest academic theory and applicable to current professional practice. 


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