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Undergraduate Application Procedures

To make an application for your chosen program, you should complete the Application for Admission form and submit it along with all your supporting documentation (see below) to the Student Recruitment and Admissions team, prior to the application deadline.

If you have all the required documentation in electronic format, you can apply online now.

Late applications may be accepted subject to the availability of places but applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Supporting Documentation

The following records are required to process your application. Please ensure that all these documents accompany your Application for Admission form submittal:

  • An original or certified copy of your secondary school records
  • A Statement or Certificate of Completion of secondary school
  • Proof of your English language proficiency

(Note: Results from IELTS & TOEFL tests may be sent to the University directly from the IELTS or TOEFL testing centres quoting the UOWD institution code IELTS: AE109 / TOEFL: 7907)

  • UAE ID (if applying from within the UAE)
  • A copy of your passport (and Residence Visa, if resident in the UAE).

Additionally, if you are seeking advance standing in your chosen program:

Certified copies of official academic transcripts showing all courses studied and grades obtained, syllabus details (including information on course content) of the courses you successfully completed and an explanation of the grading system.

Attestation of Documents

All applicants for admission are required to obtain equivalency of their secondary school leaving qualifications from the UAE Ministry of Education. The attestation process is dependent upon whether you completed your secondary schooling within the UAE or outside the UAE.

Applicants who completed secondary schooling within the UAE

With the exception of applicants who have completed the Thanaweya Al-Amma, all other applicants must get their certificates attested by the Ministry of Education in the UAE for secondary schooling studies undertaken in the UAE. In these circumstances, you will be provisionally admitted to the University and permitted to commence the first semester of study, subject to you obtaining the required attestation.

Applicants who completed secondary schooling outside the UAE

In these circumstances, you will be provisionally admitted to the University and permitted to commence the first semester of study. However, you must have your secondary school records and Certificates of Completion certified by:

  1. The issuing Board of Secondary Education or a recognised authority for secondary education.
  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the host country
  3. The UAE Embassy in that host country

OR the Embassy of the host country in UAE must attest the authenticity of the documents and attestations and the UAE ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In special cases where complying with conditions (2) and (3) are not feasible, the certificates may be verified against originals by Embassies in the UAE and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you are unable to secure the attestations as outlined above you will be asked to sign a “Consent to Provide Documents” form agreeing to secure the equivalency. You will be permitted to commence your studies at UOWD, but will be given a maximum of one semester to obtain the attested certificate(s). UOWD reserves the right to take appropriate action against any applicant who cannot secure the appropriate documentation in this time, which may result in the termination of the student’s enrolment at UOWD.

Contact information

Student Recruitment and Admissions Department
University of Wollongong in Dubai
UOWD Building, Dubai Knowledge Park
P.O. Box 20183
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: Toll-free 800-UOWD or +971 4 278 1800
Fax: +971 4 278 1801
[email protected]

Student Recruitment and Admissions Office Timings

Sunday - Thursday: 8:30am - 6:30pm

Alternatively, you can submit an application through one of the University's nominated Overseas Representatives.


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