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Bachelor of Communication and Media: Visual Communication Design

The Visual Communication Design specialisation at the University of Wollongong Dubai allows you to develop skills in graphic design for both traditional and emerging media.

You will learn graphic design principles and practices, while working on client-driven design projects for print, online, mobile and emerging platforms. As part of the course, you will be introduced to the principles of typography and illustration, the fundamentals of interactive UI/UX design, motion graphics, animation and much more. 

You will study the ways in which emerging digital platforms are changing the context for visual communication design, both in a regional context and internationally.

Note: Degree name to be changed to Bachelor of Communication and Media (Visual Communication Design) for students commencing in September 2021 (Autumn 2021 intake).


You will graduate with flexible visual design skills, ready for new career opportunities that focus on communicating messages visually across a broad spectrum of contexts and media.


Advanced Entry (3 years - 24 subjects)
Degree with Integrated Freshman Year (4 Years - 32 subjects)

Winter - January | Spring - April | Summer - July | Autumn - September

Yearly Fees
AED 54,810
USD 14,922
(VAT 5% inclusive)


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UOWD is committed to providing you with the necessary assistance in the current situation. Our Recruitment & Admissions team is ready to assist prospective students and their parents with the necessary career path and program guidance via several online platforms. Visit the below link to book a Digital One-to-One Consultation with our Admissions team based on your convenience.
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Acting Program Director

Dr Michael L. Mallory

Dr Michael L. Mallory
Assistant Professor
PhD Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought (PACT) European Graduate School, Saas Fee, Switzerland; MA Media and Communication, European Graduate School, Saas Fee, Switzerland; BS Social Science, Portland State University, Portland, OR, USA

Dr Michael believes some of the most meaningful learning happens when students are able to take ownership of their education...

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Career Opportunities

As a graduate of this program you will be a creative visual communicator, prepared for a range of roles, such as:

  • Interaction Designer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Graphic Designer & Illustrator
  • Visual Communication Specialist
  • Environment Designer

Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation and Recognition

This program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education and is fully recognised within the UAE, GCC nations and internationally for further education and employment in the private and public sectors.

In addition, the program is quality assured by UOW, which is registered with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), the national regulator of the higher education sector in Australia. UOWD graduates have the opportunity to exchange their UOWD degree for the equivalent UOW Australia degree after completion.

Program Structure

To qualify for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Communication and Media, a candidate shall accrue an aggregate of at least 204 Credit Points (cp) comprising of the below:

  • 42cp of General Education subjects
  • 48cp Core subjects
  • 48cp Specialization subjects
  • 48cp BCM Electives
  • 18cp Additional Electives

Program Core

Subject Code Subject title Credit Points
BCM 110 Introduction to Communication and Media Studies 6
BCM 111 Global Media and Culture 6
BCM 113 Media Ethics and Law 6
BCM 114 Making Media 6
BCM 212 Understanding Research Practice 6
BCM 222 Global Media and Social Justice 6
BCM 241 Media Ethnographies 6
BCM 312 Emerging Issues in Media and Communication 6
BCM 313 The Future of Work


Specialisation Core

Subject Code Subject title Credit Points
VCD 101 Introduction to Visual Communication Design 6
VCD 102 Interaction Design Fundamentals 6
VCD 201 Typography 6
VCD 203 Social Impact Design 6
VCD 302 Motion Design 6
VCD 301 Professional Design Practice 6
BCM 303 Collaborative Production Workshop 6
VCD 390 Advanced Design project 6
Plus 8 (48cp) electives. Zero level (00) subjects cannot be taken as electives

General Education (GED)

All students enrolled starting autumn 2020, must complete 42 credit point of General education as follows:

Subject Code Subject Title Credit Points
GEDA010 Academic Language Skills 6
GEDB010 Research Language Skills 6
GED 020 Academic Study Skills 2 6
ARTS317 Muslim Societies Across the Ages 6
INE 301 Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 6
One subject from Arabic Language * 6
One subject from UAE Studies ** 6
* Options in Arabic Language
ARA 101* Arabic for Beginners 1A 6
ARA 102* Arabic for Elementary level users 6
** Options in UAE Studies
PUBH115 Public Health 6
URBS103 Urban Sociology 6
GEOG222 Society and Environment 6
IRAE135 UAE and International Relations 6

* Placement tests will be conducted in ARA101 and ARA102 at the start of the semester

For students who enrolled prior to Autumn 2020, please refer to the following link


48 cp BCM electives. Zero level (00) subjects cannot be taken as electives. Choose 8 subjects from the list below.
Subject Code Subject Title Credit Points
BCM 112 Emergent Media 6
BCM 206 Future Networks 6
BCM 214 Digital and Social Innovation 6
BCM 215 Game Media Industries 6
BCM 325 Future Cultures 6
BCM 300 Game Experience Design 6
BCM 302 Advanced Digital Media Project 6
BCM 115 Introduction to Screen Media 6
BCM 216 Transmedia Storytelling 6
BCM 217 Documentary 6
BCM 289 Transnational Media 6
BCM 320/333 Digital Asia/Hollywood and Beyond 6
BCM 322 Global Media Interventions 6
BCM 304 Global Screen Project 6
MARK101 Marketing Principles 6
MGMT102 Business Communications 6
MARK221 PR Concepts 6
MARK250 Advertising Practice and Creative Strategies 6
MARK333 Integrated Marketing 6
MARK301 Digital Marketing 6
MARK322 Corporate Identity and Branding 6
18 cp Additional Electives: Choose three subjects from the list below
Subject Code Subject Title Credit Points
MATH060 Foundation Mathematics for Humanities 6
CSIT111 Introduction to Programming 6
CSIT128 Introduction to Web Technology 6
ISIT301 Professional Practice and Ethics 6
MGNT110 Introduction to Management 6
ECON102 Economics and Society 6
MARK343 International Marketing 6

**Students wishing to take electives not on this list must receive approval from the Program Director

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