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Bachelor of Commerce: Management (BCOM MGMT) Degree

Management is the art and science of planning, coordinating and leading group efforts.

If you are interested in mobilising human and material resources to achieve organisational goals, the UOWD's Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) - Management in UAE will give you a fundamental understanding of how to apply key managerial concepts and theories in the contemporary work environment. The program will provide you with the opportunity to analyse, diagnose and execute judgements across a broad range of technical and management functions.

4 Years - Full-time

Spring - January
Summer - May
Autumn - August

Tuition Fees
AED 232,943
USD 63,472
(VAT 5% inclusive)


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It will help you develop an understanding of how group dynamics affect individual and group behaviour, and to identify barriers to change and effective ways of overcoming them. The program of study provides a comprehensive overview of the management function, which is applicable to a range of business sectors.

Career Opportunities

UOWD’s Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Management program provides a comprehensive overview of the management function, which is applicable to a range of business sectors. Graduates of the BCom in Management can undertake professional roles such as:

  • Management Consultants
  • Advertising Managers
  • Marketing and Public Relations Managers
  • Administrative Services Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Labour relations Managers
  • Strategic Business Analysts

Why choose UOW Dubai

UOWD is recognised in the region and internationally for its teaching excellence and distinguished research portfolio.

Combining the outstanding academic credentials of the University of Wollongong – a top 10 university in Australia – with a truly multicultural learning environment, we have helped to shape the lives of more than 11,000 graduates from 108 nations, who are now making their mark in the global workplace.

Having just celebrated 25 years of academic excellence in the region, UOWD is a pioneer in the field of education and this spirit of innovation continues to define everything we do. This means that pursuing your higher education at UOWD is not only a valuable investment in your future; it is a truly life-changing experience.

Accreditation and Recognition

This program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs and is fully recognised within the UAE, GCC nations and internationally for further education and employment in the private and public sectors.

In addition, the program is quality assured by UOW, which is registered with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), the national regulator of the higher education sector in Australia. UOWD graduates have the opportunity to exchange their UOWD degree for the equivalent UOW Australia degree after completion.

Program Structure

To qualify for award of the degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Management), a candidate shall accrue an aggregate of at least 204 Credit Points (cp) which include 60 cp of General Education, 54 cp from program core, 6 cp Capstone subject and the specific major requirements.


Subject Code Subject title Credit Points
MGNT201 Organisational Behaviour 6
MGNT206 Managing Human Resources 6
MGNT311 Management of Change 6
MGNT314 Strategic Management 6
MGNT351 Responsible Leadership 6
Plus two from the below subjects:
MGNT215 Small Business Management 6
MGNT220 Organisational Analysis 6
OPS350 Continuous Quality Improvement 6
Plus 7 electives. Zero level subjects cannot be taken as electives


Program Core

Subject Code Subject Title Credit Points
ACCY111 Accounting Fundamentals in Society 6
COMM101 Principles of Responsible Business 6
COMM121 Statistics for Business 6
ECON100 Economic Essentials for Business 6
FIN 111 Introductory Principles of Finance 6
MARK101 Marketing Principles 6
OPS 216 Operations Management 6
MGNT110 Introduction to Management 6
One subject from the following 3 options (6cp):
  1. ACCY112 : Accounting in Organisations*
  2. ECON102 : Economics and Society
  3. MGNT102 : Business Communications
COMM331 (Capstone) Integrative Business Capstone 6

*Students majoring in Accountancy or Finance must undertake ACCY112. Students majoring in International Business are strongly encouraged to take ECON102.

General Education (GED)

Students are required to complete 60 credit points of General Education from the following seven (7) categories:

Subject Code Subject Title Credit Points
English, Arabic or other languages (18cp)
GEDA010 Academic Language Skills 6
GEDB010 Research Language Skills 6
GED 020 Academic Study Skills 2 6
Information Technology and Mathematics (12cp)
MATH060 Foundation Mathematics for Business 6
OPS 113 Business Oriented Information Systems 6
Islamic Studies or History or Culture (6cp)
ARTS017 Islamic Culture 6
One subject from Natural Sciences (6cp)
ENVI030 Environmental Science 6
One subject from Humanities or Arts (6cp)
ARTS035 Introduction to Philosophy 6
LAW 101 Law, Business and Society 6
One subject from Social or Behavioural Sciences (6cp)
PSYC015 Introduction to Psychology 6
SOC 103 Introduction to Sociology 6
Plus one further subject (6cp) from:
Humanities or Arts or Social or Behavioural Sciences 6



Students are expected to complete 7 electives (30 cp) from 100, 200 or 300 levels.


Program Leader

Dr Alison Thirlwall

Dr Alison Thirlwall
Associate Professor
BA University of East London, MBA Open University, PhD University of Waikato

Dr Thirlwall obtained her PhD from the University of Waikato in New Zealand (a triple accredited business school), specialising in workplace bullying in New Zealand institutes of technology and polytechnics. She also holds an MBA...

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