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Arts and Humanities

Dr Feras Hamza
Associate Professor

Dr Hamza’s principal research interests are on citizenship as practice and identity in emerging societies such as that of the UAE. His principal teaching duties are postgraduate classes on Globalisation and Citizenship, Research Methods and Middle East society, as well as the undergraduate Islamic Culture (GEC).

Dr. William F. Smith II

Dr William F. Smith II
Associate Professor

Dr William Smith is Associate Professor at UOWD’s Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences. Prior to joining the University Dr Smith was an Assistant Campus Dean, Program Director, Academic & Program Manager on academic level and Managing Director, Creative Director and Corporate Communications Manager on industry level.

Dr Imène Ajala

Dr Imene Ajala
Assistant Professor

Dr Ajala’s research interests are Comparative politics, Foreign Policy Analysis, Diaspora studies and multiculturalism with a particular focus on Muslims in Europe. Dr Ajala is keen to familiarise her students with key political science and international relations concepts, ensuring that they develop critical-thinking and rigorous analytic skills.

Dr Mohammed Firoz

Dr Mohammed Firoz
Associate Professor

Dr Firoz’s research interests include media, society and culture; the social and cultural implications of ‘New media’; media effects, media education and media literacy. He is currently working on two publications on the subjects of mass communication and television in India.

Dr Swapna Koshy
Associate Professor

Dr Koshy’s research interests include assessment practices in higher education, consumer behaviour studies and methods of improving communication. Dr Koshy's teaching subjects include Business Communication, General Management and Marketing.