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Bachelor of Engineering: Mechanical

Mechanical Engineers specialise in the design, production, testing and maintenance of small everyday items such as printers, disk drives and sensors to large and more complex systems such heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aeroplanes, robotics, medical devices and industrial equipment and machinery. Studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wollongong in Dubai means you'll develop the real-world skills and competencies required to secure a position as a design expert or specialist technician in various industries.

Note: Degree name to be changed to Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - Mechanical Engineering for students commencing in September 2021 (Autumn 2021 intake).


4 Years - Full-time

Winter - January | Spring - April | Summer - July | Autumn - September

Tuition Fees
AED 275,310
USD 75,016
(VAT 5% inclusive)


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UOWD’s Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in UAE is a broad and diverse discipline and requires particular skills and knowledge. In this undergraduate course, students will be exposed to the different aspects of mechanics and learn how to design, create, run and control machines efficiently. It provides an interdisciplinary and industry-led learning experience where you will get an opportunity to not only interact with the students and faculties of other disciplines but also associate with various industries located in Dubai for internship and final year engineering projects.

Mechanical Engineering students will develop a range of practical skills through a combination of laboratory work and projects.

The program from UOW ranks in the top 200 in the world by subject for Mechanical Engineering according to the QS World University Rankings 2017. 


Program Director

Dr Mama Chacha

Dr Mama Chacha
Associate Professor
PhD (Mechanical Engineering), Université Aix-Marseille I, France; MSc Mechanical Engineering, Université Aix-Marseille I, France; BSc Mechanical Engineering, Polytech Marseille, Université Aix-Marseille I

Dr Chacha has more than 15-year experience in teaching engineering and sciences courses especially in the area of thermal sciences. He has co-supervised several post-doctoral...

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Career Opportunities

Mechanical engineers are in high demand regionally and internationally and job opportunities are plenty. Students undertaking the B.Eng (Mechanical Eng) typically enter professions as:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Product Design Engineer
  • Control and Systems engineer
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Analyst and consultant
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Reliability engineer
  • Advanced Postgraduate studies in Engineering

Accreditation and Recognition


The program is recognised by the Society of Engineers Australia, providing professional recognition in the field of engineering in Australia and globally. This recognition ensures that graduates from this course are admitted, on application, to the grade of Graduate Membership of Engineers Australia.

UOW Australia is a member of the Group of Eight (Go8) Deans of Engineering and Associates, in recognition of its being among the top Australian engineering faculties. This achievement is a direct result of world class reputation in teaching and research.

Energy Institute (EI)

The Energy Institute (EI) is the leading professional membership body bringing global energy expertise together, from oil and gas to renewables. The EI connects you to a thriving global community and unlocks access to a broad range of benefits. Becoming a Student member of the EI will grant you access to resources and opportunities that will not only support you in your studies, but also to further your career development.

Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation and Recognition

This program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education and is fully recognised within the UAE, GCC nations and internationally for further education and employment in the private and public sectors.

In addition, the program is quality assured by UOW, which is registered with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), the national regulator of the higher education sector in Australia. UOWD graduates have the opportunity to exchange their UOWD degree for the equivalent UOW Australia degree after completion.

Degree Requirements and Program Structure

To qualify for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), a candidate shall accrue an aggregate of at least 222 Credit Points (CP) which include 42 CP of General Education as indicated in Table 1 and Table 2. 

All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering are required to sit for a Placement Test in Mathematics and Physics and, if necessary, may be requested to complete additional remedial subjects. Placement tests are usually scheduled in the first week of your joining semester and students should contact the Faculty Office to apply for the test.

Bachelor of Engineering Placement Tests

All Bachelor of Engineering students should complete two Engineering Placement Tests, one in Physics and one in Mathematics/Statistics. Passing a placement tests means you will not be required to take the corresponding remedial subject.

A mark of 60% or above in the test will entitle the student to continue with the year 1 subjects for Mathematics/Statistics and Physics for the Bachelors of Engineering. Students who score less than 60% in the test will be required to enrol in a remedial zero-level subject to further strengthen their foundations in these subjects.

For further information about test dates, fees, registration and syllabuses, please download the Engineering Placement Test FAQ Sheet.

Program Core

Subject Code Subject Title Credit Points
Year 1 - Common year for all engineering programs
ENGG102 Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics 6
ENGG103 Materials in Design 6
ENGG105 Engineering Design for Sustainability 6
MATH141 Foundations of Engineering Mathematics 6
ENGG100 Engineering Computing and Analysis 6
PHYS143 Physics For Engineers 6
MATH142 Essentials of Engineering Mathematics 6
ENGG104 Electrical Systems 6
Year 2
CHEM103 Introductory Chemistry For Engineers 6
MECH203 Mechanical Workshop Practice 0
ENGG251 Mechanics of Solids 6
ENGG252 Engineering Fluid Mechanics 6
MATH283 Advanced Engineering Mathematics and Statistics 6
MECH201 Engineering Analysis 6
MECH215 Mechanical Engineering Design 1 6
MECH226 Machine Dynamics 6
MECH252 Thermodynamics, Experimental Methods and Analysis 6
Year 3
MECH321 Dynamics of Engineering Systems 6
MECH341 Thermodynamics of Engineering Systems 6
MECH382 Manufacturing Engineering Principles 6
MECH311 Mechanical Engineering Design 2 6
MECH343 Heat Transfer 6
MECH365 Control of Machines and Processes 6
ENGG378 Sustainable Energy Technologies 6
Year 4
MECH419 Finite Element Methods in Engineering 6
ENGG461 Managing Engineering Projects 6
MECH474 Reliability Engineering 6
MECH489 Engineering Asset Management 6
ECTE471 Robotics and Flexible Automation 6
ENGG452 Thesis A 12
ENGG454 Professional Experience 0


General Education (GED)

Subject Code Subject Title Credit Points
GEDA010 Academic Language Skills 6
GEDB010 Research Language Skills 6
GED 020 Academic Study Skills 2 6
ARTS317 Muslim Societies Across the Ages 6
GEOG222 Society and Environment: Resources, Challenges, Futures 6
INE301 Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 6
One subject from Arabic Language * 6
* Options in Arabic Language
ARA101** Arabic for Beginners 1A 6
ARA102** Arabic for Elementary level users 6

**Challenge tests are available in ARA101/ARA102. The tests are held in the first week of the semester and exemption from a subject will be granted on attaining a score of 60% or above.

For students who enrolled prior to Autumn 2020, please refer to the following link


Subject Code Subject Title Credit Points
CIVL311 Structural Design 1 6
ECTE471 Robotics and Flexible Automation 6
MECH430 Automotive Dynamics 6
MECH431 Computational Fluid Dynamics 6
MECH474 Reliability Engineering 6
MECH489 Engineering Asset Management 6

Mechanical Engineering Students are required to complete TWO technical electives

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