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Research Interests

Business and Management

Dr Ritu Sehgal

  • Employee Involvement
  • Total Quality Management

Dr Bostjan Gomiscek

  • Quality management 
  • Business excellence
  • Sustainability
  • Asset & maintenance management

Dr Ali Bhayani

  • International market entry strategies and its impact on marketing mix and eventually on performance
  • Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) influence on attitudes and consumer decision making
  • Role of mental biases and heuristics on consumers decision making in digital environment

Dr Alison Thirlwall

  • Management of workplace conflict and its implications in international settings

Dr Arijit Sikdar

  • Strategic management issues related to organizational growth and performance
  • Entrepreneurship & Small business 
  • Supply chain strategies
  • International business related to emerging markets

Dr Balan Sundarakani

  • Applied research of strategic supply chain management
  • Empirical and optimization focused research of operations and production management
  • Empirical and applied research in Logistics management 

Dr Jawahitha Sarabdeen

  • Islamic banking and finance
  • Corporate ethics
  • Social media marketing
  • Branding
  • Legal and ethical issues of information communication technology
  • Adoption of e-government
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing 

Dr Kathy Shen

  • IT adoption and assimilation
  • Knowledge management
  • E-Commerce and internet marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and SME
  • Airport Retailing
  • Virtual Collaboration and Virtual Team
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Enterprise Information Systems

Dr Mohan Guruswamy

  • Expert Systems (Artificial Intelligence)

Dr Mona Mustafa

  • Work-life boundaries
  • Shift work
  • Managing expatriates
  • Teleworking

Dr Okey Peter Onyia

  • Services Marketing – especially in the financial and insurance service industries
  • Cross-cultural and Cross-national Consumer Behaviour
  • Consumer Self-service Technology Adoption
  • International Marketing
  • Advertising & Marketing Communications
  • Higher Education (HE) Pedagogy – especially the closer involvement of HE students in peer assessments

Dr Payyazhi Jayashree

  • Strategic Change/ Change Management
  • Employees' integration into organisation from micro-macro perspectives
Dr Prakash Vel K. Shankar
  • Strategic marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • Marketing communications
  • Digital marketing
  • Consumer behaviour

Dr Swapna Koshy

  • Effective assessment methods for large classes
  • Indian Aesthetics
  • Pedagogy
  • Innovative Assessments
  • Media, marketing and communication
Dr Taghreed Abu-Salim
  • Service design 
  • Service Quality 
  • Cost of Poor Quality  

Finance and Accounting

Dr Asima Shirazi
  • Child poverty
  • Development economics
Dr Lamia Obay
  • Banks and banking industry
  • Islamic finance
  • Financial markets
  • Corporate finance
Dr Munir Lutfi
  • Market based accounting empirical research
  • Internal control systems
  • Auditors' independence and Audit report
Dr Naeem Muhammad
  • Globalisation issues related to the MENA countries
  • Stock market integration
  • Stock market volatility
Dr Leonie Jooste
  • Cash flows
  • Accounting Ethics
  • Earning management
  • Developing intervention methods to change the values of accounting students
Dr Nandini Kaul
  • Areas of statistics
  • Microeconomics theory
  • Mathematical economics
Dr Osama M. Al-Hares
  • Capital Market-Based Accounting Research (MBAR).
  • Corporate Valuation. 
  • Accounting Disclosure Practices.
  • Earnings Management.
  • Corporate Governance. 
  • Accounting Education.

Computer Science and Engineering

Dr Abdellatif Tchantchane
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Numerical analysis
  • Econometrics
Dr Abdelghani Benharref
  • Mobile applications
  • eHealth applications
  • Web services
  • Distributed systems
Dr Farhad Oroumchian
  • Information retrieval and applied natural language processing
Dr Halim M. Khelafa
  • Computer network and computer systems
  • Information assurance and security
  • Intelligent systems
Dr Kamal Jaafar
  • Cost effective design solutions to make structures less vulnerable to earthquakes
  • Strength and safety assessment for building and bridges
Dr Mohamed Salem
  • Software development
  • Performance analysis and scalability and their applicability to large and distributed systems
Dr Mohamed Watfa
  • Sensor networks
  • Battery aware protocols
  • Underwater communications
  • Multimedia networks
Dr Nidhal Abdulaziz
  • Circuit design and modelling
Dr Soly Mathew Biju
  • Cryptography
  • Software testing
  • Agile programming
  • E-learning tools
  • Methods for learning computer science subjects
Dr Zeenath Khan
  • Ethics in IT
  • Community informatics
  • Education and technology
  • Students and environment
Dr Stefano Fasciani
  • Sound and Music Computing
  • Audio Digital Signal Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Real Time Embedded Systems
  • Human Computer Interaction

Arts and Humanities

Dr Feras Hamza
  • Global islamic studies (community and identity)
  • Middle East culture and society (social change)

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